Tendring Creative and Cultural Strategy 2019 - 2024

The Council, with support from Arts Council England, has produced a Creative and Cultural Strategy for Tendring (2019-2024) which recognises and aims to build on the strengths already present in these sectors across the District. The Strategy is the result of extensive consultation with key stakeholders and the community.

Economic growth and job creation are the key factors examined in the Strategy but alongside these outputs are benefits for social wellbeing, participation, community cohesion and arts on prescription, giving a more holistic focus and the opportunity for a well-rounded programme of deliverable projects for the Council to take forward alongside key partners and stakeholders.

The Executive Summary is shown below, followed by a link to view the Strategy in full. 

Executive Summary


Tendring is a place of variety, beauty, and opportunity.  It has strong communities, an attractive coastline, and rural charm.  It is accessible to the major global powerhouse that is the London economy, and to Essex’s main economic centres.  There are 40,500 jobs in the local economy, particularly in health and social care.  It is a popular place to visit, and to stay.

At the same time, productivity levels and the business start-up rate are relatively low.  Only 22% of residents hold at least a level 2 qualification compared to 38% nationally.  29% of residents are 65 or over compared to 18% nationally.  There are some areas of Tendring with significant deprivation.  Physical and mental health indicators are not strong.

Tendring Council

The Council has a clear focus on community leadership and business growth, and is committed to working in close collaboration with its partners and to engaging with its residential and business communities. These values are enshrined within its 2020 – 2024 Corporate Plan.

The Council’s Economic Development Strategy aligns with its Corporate Plan 2020-2024 and has a particular emphasis on supporting new and established businesses and to securing jobs growth. The Strategy focuses on: location-based growth; sector-based growth (particularly within the clean energy and care/assisted living sectors, as well as recognising the importance of the creative & cultural sectors); and business support including an improved offer for freelancers, and potential for shared workspaces. The Strategy also recognises the importance of skills, business and community participation, and the economic significance of enabling population growth through the delivery of new residential accommodation.

Creative and Cultural Sector

In all sectors, economic and jobs growth is principally driven by innovation. Innovation keeps businesses competitive and provides the means to expand.  It is widely acknowledged that innovation is higher/more prevalent in areas where there is strong creative and cultural activity.

In Tendring, the creative and cultural sector is relatively small. This means that there are fewer than expected jobs in this sector, and that innovation in all sectors is less than fully supported and encouraged by a creative and cultural context. 

In support of the Council’s plans and strategies, it is an objective of this strategy to grow the creative and cultural sector, thereby increasing business and jobs growth, but will also encourage innovation more generally.

The cultural sector includes creativity, arts and entertainment, libraries, archives, museums, and heritage. The creative sector includes advertising, architecture, craft, design, film, IT, publishing and music.

Creative and Cultural Strategy for Tendring (2019-2024)


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