Pest Control

The Pest Control service

If you are a resident of the Tendring area you can call our pest control contractor to arrange for treatment.

The service includes the treatment of domestic premises for rats and mice along with other pests of public health significance, and is undertaken by Pestclear Ltd on behalf of Tendring District Council.   To arrange for treatment please contact Pestclear direct on 01255 433999.

The charges are as follows:

Rats£26.00 per treatment

£7.50 concession to residents in receipt of benefit

Mice£26.00 per treatment

£7.50 concession to residents in receipt of benefit

Cockroaches£39.72 per treatmentNo concessions
Fleas£39.72 per treatmentNo concessions
Bed Bugs£39.72 per treatmentNo concessions
Wasps£39.72 per treatmentNo concessions
Ants£39.72 per treatmentNo concessions
Insect pests of
stored food
£39.72 per treatmentNo concessions

N.B. the above charges are for treatment to private households only.  Please contact Pestclear direct on 01787 248049 for details of the charges for treatment to business premises.

All charges are collected by Pestclear Limited at the time of treatment.

Information, Advice and Self Help

For information, advice and self help ideas on how to deal with a variety of pests please use the links below:-



Bed Bugs




Rats and Mice


Brown Tail Moth Caterpillar

Some advice will vary from authority to authority so it is advisable to contact your own local authority.  To find out who your local authority is, you can check your Council Tax bill or enter your postcode on the website.

Rabies Information

Rabies is a fatal viral disease of the nervous system caused by a rhabdovirus which can affect all mammals including humans.

The disease is usually spread by saliva from the bite of an infected animal. Clinical signs include paralysis and aggression leading to a painful death.

Classical rabies was eradicated from the UK in 1922 and the Pet Travel Scheme and quarantine help protect against infected animals entering the UK, but because of the existence of the disease elsewhere there is concern about rabies being reintroduced by illegally imported mammals.

For more information and advice about rabies follow the link to the DEFRA site in the useful links area on this page.


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