Beaches with animal bans

Dog Bans

Use the map link below to see the beach areas in Tendring that have a dog ban in force.  The bans apply from 1 May to 30 September inclusive. The information is also provided in the table at the bottom of this page.

Map including beaches and dog bans

Dogs are permitted on adjacent promenades and cliff paths, but must be on a lead.

Dogs are allowed on all other beaches at all times but they must be kept under proper control and you must clear up after your dog.

To report an incidence of dog fouling on Tendring's beaches, please complete our online Report form.

Imposing a dog ban is an important criteria in the annual Coast Awards and Blue Flag schemes.

The beaches with seasonal bans are covered by local Byelaws. These are enforced by our Seafront team. Each banned area is very clearly identified by information signs at every entry point.

Failing to comply with beach bans and control orders could result in a maximum penalty of £500.

Remember the laws for cleaning up after your dog are in force all over the Tendring District.

AreaTownDetailed location
1HarwichFrom Coast Guard building at Outpart East to Low Lighthouse in front of Harbour Crescent.
2Dovercourt north eastFrom Mill Lane subway to end of promenade at Spa Cabins.
3Dovercourt south westFrom slipway south west of Swimming Pool, to upper Lighthouse, south west of Beach Road.
4Walton on the NazeNorth east from Percival Road to Naze Park Road.
5Walton on the Naze centralFrom the Pier to end of The Parade opposite Suffolk Street.
6FrintonFrom seafront Warden Station below Connaught Avenue to public conveniences below Cambridge Road.
7Holland on Sea south westFrom breakwater south west of Queensway to café north west of Queensway.
8Holland on Sea north eastFrom café opposite Haven Avenue for 3 sections of beach south west.
9Clacton north eastFrom opposite St Albans Road to Gunfleet Sailing Club, opposite Hazelmere Road.
10Clacton centralFrom the Pier to West Road out-fall pipe on Martello Bay.
11BrightlingseaFrom West Marsh Point covering the paddling pool area and both beaches east of pool.


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