Public Register for Licensing - Online Access

Using Licensing Public Access

Public Access allows you to:
  • view details of all applications received by the Licensing Section
  • find an individual application if you know the application number
  • search against the property to see what applications have been received

Except in certain cases where the legislation prohibits the public disclosure of information, you may view all applications for licences received either by the Council, or the Council acting as the Licensing Authority, using the Licensing Public Access search facility.   This allows you to check whether or not a specific type of application has been received, how far has it progressed.

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Premises Licences - Licensing Act 2003

When you have found the application, any person regardless of their geographical location or proximity to the premises, or those who are likely to be affected by it, or their representatives, are free to raise relevant representations upon applications for the Grant or Variations of premises licences.

You will also be able to see the type of activities that have been applied for and the days and times involved. However, the Public Register will not show any conditions that have been attached to any licence. If you need information concerning this aspect, please contact the Licensing Section on (01255) 686565 who will be able to advise you.

In many cases you will see the word 'suspended'.  This does not necessarily mean that enforcement action has been taken against the applicant, but rather indicates that a subsequent application has been received for a variation or other type of application relating to the original licence issued and in order to process this, the original licence has to be 'suspended'.  All applications will be displayed for that particular licence and you will therefore be provided with a chronological history of the applications received.

All Other Applications

Although you will not be able to comment on applications other than Premises Licences, you will be able to see exactly what has been applied for and what has been granted.

Other applications include Street Collections, House to House Collections, Boat / Boatman Licences, Street Trading and Sex Establishment Licences.

These records are backed up on a regular basis - usually in the early hours of the morning - and if the service is unavailable for some other reason, an announcement will be listed on the Website's Home Page. However, although every effort is made to ensure that the information shown on the Register is accurate, some parts of the computerised system are incomplete and the information shown on the Register should not be used as a substitute for obtaining formal confirmation of any issues relating to an application from the Licensing Section. No responsibility will be taken for any errors or omissions in the information that may be obtained from Licensing Public Access.

Contact Details

If you have any queries concerning Licensing Public Access or need further information, please contact the Licensing Team, who will be pleased to help you.


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Telephone (01255) 686565

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