Inward Investment

Tendring - A Great Place to Expand and Invest

Map of Tendring

Whilst the name of Tendring may not be instantly recognisable, the port of Harwich and the resort towns of Clacton, Frinton and Walton-on the Naze will be more familiar and will provide an identity for this attractive part of North-East Essex.

The access to mainland European markets provided by the port at Harwich is largely responsible for the interest inward investors have shown in the District. However, the existence of excellent road and rail links with the domestic markets, together with the availability of a skilled and developing labour market should not be overlooked. This excellent pedigree helps Tendring District Council's Regeneration team attract new businesses to the area.

If you are looking for a faster route into European markets - relocating or expanding in the Tendring area may provide the answer. Whether you are expanding your existing export business, breaking into new markets or just want to be nearer your European trading partners, Tendring can offer a range of benefits which add up to a convincing package.

With a low overhead cost structure, the costs of relocating or expanding can be reduced. Recent investors from the manufacturing, distribution, leisure and retail sectors are all enjoying the benefits of locating in the Tendring District. Once you are convinced by the economics, you will realise that the area has an enviable quality of life too. Miles of sandy beaches, higher than average sunshine, charming rural communities and easy access to the rest of the UK as well as the continent. If you need to move your business closer to Europe, you couldn't choose a better place.

Incentives to Invest in Tendring

  • Competitive overhead costs - low property prices, low rateable values and competitive wages (20% below the national average)
  • availability of properties and development land in industrial estates, rural locations and new mixed use development sites
  • excellent transport and communications - major trunk roads, international ferry, cruise and container port, numerous rail interchanges and only 1 hour from Stansted Airport and London offering cheap and easy access to customers and suppliers
  • availability of workforce - over 30% of the population currently commute out of the District to work and there is a high proportion of part-time and temporary jobs and above average levels of unemployment offering an easily accessible workforce
  • comprehensive business support network - we offer a tailored service to businesses looking to invest or expand within Tendring covering everything from property searches, assistance with planning, sourcing funding and recruitment solutions
  • training and education - number of schools with special status (technology, language, sports etc), excellent local colleges and universities and good private training facilities for specialist subjects
  • desirable "Quality of Life" - high rate of inward migration of population, over 4 million tourists per year, home to the smallest town and the largest village green in England and very low crime rates make it a very special place to live
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