About Council Finance - Current and Previous Years

Listed below is a general explanation of the main financial documents that the Council produces.

Financial Performance Report and Long Term Financial Forecast

Published quarterly, this sets out the in-year financial performance against budget along with the overall financial position facing the Council and underlying factors that need to be considered when preparing the Long Term Financial Forecast which is updated on an on-going basis

The Budget including Fees and Charges

Each year the Council must set a budget showing how much the Council plans to spend and how it is to be financed including how much is to be raised via Council Tax. The budget is prepared taking into account the Financial Strategy/Forecast position and incorporates the Council's General Fund Revenue Budget, the Housing Revenue Account, the Capital Programme, the Reserves position and Fees and Charges which the Council make.

General Fund Revenue spending has to be paid for by local Council Taxpayers after taking into account contributions from the Government and money collected from Business Rates.

The Housing Revenue Account is self contained and covers the Council’s Expenditure and Income as Landlord for the Council’s housing stock.

The Capital programme details, over 5 years, the Council’s proposed investment in Council assets or the enhancement of existing ones.

Statement of Accounts

The annual production of the Statement of Accounts is a statutory requirement for local authorities and is intended to give various people and organisations a detailed explanation of the financial position of the Council as at the 31st of March of the relevant year.

Outturn Report

This provides an overview of the financial results for the relevant year which forms the basis for the Statement of Accounts.

Treasury Strategy

This sets out the Council’s strategy for future borrowing and its policies for managing investments.

Treasury Outturn

This sets out the Council’s actual treasury management activities and Prudential Indicators for the relevant financial year.

For further information please contact Financial Services at financial.services@tendringdc.gov.uk


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