Council Finance - 2016/17

Below you will find links to key financial information about the Council for 2016/17.  The links will open pdf documents, some of which may be quite large and take a while to download.

Statement of Accounts

Conclusion of Audit 2016/17

Statement of Accounts 2016/17 (Audited)

Annual Audit Letter for the Year Ended 31 March 2017

Statement of Responsible Finance Officer 2016/17

Audit of 2016/17 Accounts

Building Control - Statement of Accounts 2016/17


Financial Outturn 2016/17

Treasury Strategy

Annual Treasury Strategy for 2016/17

Final Detailed Estimates

General Fund Revenue Estimates 2016-17

General Fund Fees and Charges 2016-17

General Fund 5 Year Capital Programme 2016-17

General Fund Reserves  2016-17

HRA Revenue Estimates 2016-17

HRA Fees and Charges 2016-17

HRA 5 Year Capital Programme 2016-17

HRA Reserves 2016-17

Reports to Council Tax Committee

Formal Confirmation of Council Tax Amounts 2016/17

General Fund Budget and Council Tax 2016/17 Reported to Council 9 February 2016

Addendum Report and Appendices

Report and Appendices

Reports to Cabinet

Cabinets Proposal for a Final General Fund Budget and Capital Programme 2016/17

Housing Revenue Account Budget Proposals 2016/17

Updated Financial Baseline and Detailed General Fund Budget Proposals for 2016/17

Initial Financial Baseline 2016/17

Salary Information

The excel spreadsheets below show the monthly salary and additional payments grouped by grade of officer:

Salary Information March 2017

Salary Information February 2017

Salary Information January 2017

Salary Information December 2016

Salary Information November 2016

Salary Information October 2016

Salary Information September 2016

Salary Information August 2016

Salary information July 2016

Salary information June 2016

Salary information May 2016

Salary information April 2016

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