Cycling on the seafront promenades

There are designated cycleways (shared by cyclists and pedestrians) at Brightlingsea, Clacton, Holland on Sea, Walton on the Naze and Dovercourt. It is possible to cycle along the seafront from Jaywick to Walton. The smooth operation of the 'mixed' cycleways and pedestrian footpaths rely on both cyclists and pedestrians showing consideration for each other and, by and large, it works very well.

The designated cycleways are clearly marked and signposted on either the upper or lower promenades all along the seafronts, with the exception of Frinton where cyclists must use the Esplanade.

Along stretches of the promenades there are signposts located one kilometre apart. The idea is to give you an indication of how far you have travelled.

Recreation Grounds Byelaws (1980)

The Recreation Grounds Byelaws prohibit cycling on all parts of the lower promenades that are not designated cycleways. There is a very good reason for restricting cycling on parts of the seafront promenades. The situation has been assessed and in order to protect the safety of seafront users it is necessary to impose access restrictions. Our enforcement policy requires the 'cycle ban' to be enforced and there is a commitment to pursue, and if necessary, prosecute persistent offenders. In practical terms, the seasonal seafront staff monitor and supervise behaviour on the seafront. If you require further information or clarification on this matter, please contact the Seafront Manager Tel. 01255 686638.

Last updated on: 16/09/2016 - 16:20