Town Twinning

The Tendring District has three twinning links with towns in Europe. The District is twinned with Valence in France, Biberach in Germany and Swidnica in Poland.

The twinning link with Valence goes back to 1969 when Valence originally twinned with the former Clacton Urban District Council. However, a new Charter was signed in 1990 to expand the link to the Tendring District. At the same time, the District signed a twinning charter with Biberach in Germany, a town that was also twinned with Valence.

Over the years, through various twinning exchanges, representatives from the Tendring District made links with one of Biberach's other twin towns - Swidnica in Poland. In 1999, a twinning charter with the town of Swidnica was also signed.

Local information for Town Twinning is available through the Tendring Twinning Association, a voluntary organisation that arranges cultural exchanges to the twin towns, they issue a newsletter to their members and they organise other twinning related activities.


Last updated on: 24/04/2017 - 10:31